Milan Foods & Beverages

The consumption of processed foods and beverages is steadily rising: In 2013 nearly 25 million tons of packaged foods were sold in Nigeria, an increase of over 30 percent compared to 2008. Sales volume of soft drinks increased by 170% and amounted to 11.7 billion litres.

A population of over a billion - and among these 300 million middle class consumers - make up an immense domestic market. As a result, food and beverages products are the largest consumption category in Nigeria. Expenditures on processed and packaged food are growing steadily. At the moment, consumption is weakening somewhat as the result of the current economic situation; however, the growth prospects for food processing and beverage production in India remain good. The Boston Consulting Group predicts an increase of expenditure for processed foods and beverages in India from 40 billion to $ 180 billion by 2020.

Rising incomes are expected to stimulate sales growth. The same goes for the opening up the multi-brand retail business for foreign direct investment (up to 51%), a decision only recently made, which is bound to pave the way for investment in supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Milan Thailand Rice

We are in the agricultural products, rice business for more than 5 decades. We feed Nigerian homes with our different type of rice, Milan Thailand Rice, Mian Crystal Indian rice, Milan Gold Rice.

Milan Tomato Paste

Milan Tomato Products brings you high quality tomato paste, produced to your specifications Milan Tomato Products has earned a reputation for our commitment to quality, flavor, and service. From planting through processing we’re concentrating quality.


Milan Sugar

MILAN today ranks as the biggest distributor of cube sugar in Nigeria. St. Louis Sucre is the world renowned and most prestigious company based in FRANCE.

Milan Margarine

Milan Margarine meets the highest demands of the industrial customers and bakeries for a wide range of applications including bread, cake, pastry, cookies and short pastries. It has an added advantage of Cholesterol Free and Trans Fat Free. Specially formulated to deliver buttery and creamry texture with excellent mounthfeel.


Milan Indian Rice

Milan Indian Rice is close to nature. Earlier rice was primarily imported from Thailand but in 2001 MILAN revolutionized the Nigerian rice market by importing good quality rice from India. Ever since then, MILAN has been successfully importing new varieties of parboiled rice indian rice

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